Canon 5D Mark II Slow Motion + Jaws ( Peahi ) 12-7-09

December 18, 2009

Welcome to JAWS, Maui, home of some of the worlds largest waves !
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Redhead-LiL-Chewy for your Zoom H4n, H4, and H2 handheld recorder

Redhead-LiL-Chewy for your Zoom H4n, H4, and H2 handheld recorder

12-18-09 Thank you all for the amazing emails with your Maui memories and kind comments !, that’s the stuff that warms my soul !

Aloha all, just wanted to post a little footage from Jaws today…These waves are insanely huge and I have so much respect for the surfers that have the guts to do this as well as the jet ski operators that are tremendously talented in their own right, many of them big wave riders as well..

Anyhow, I live a couple of miles from Jaws on W.Kuiaha in a little town called Haiku. At night I can hear these monsters breaking, they sound like thunder…

Tech :
Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 70-300 USM @ 300mm
Zoom H4n & Redhead windscreen for faint ocean sounds
Premiere CS4

hope you all enjoy this little teaser.. there’s more to come later, it’s still going off !, and tomorrow is supposed to be huge as well.. Going to try to get the morning light..

One of the Jaws pioneers is Laird Hamilton. His wife Gabrielle Reece had this to say on his blog today..

“12-7-09 Swell Update from Laird

3:50 Hawaii Time

I just spoke to Laird around 3pm Hawaii time (5pm PST) from Maui. He said they had a good morning and that his board and body were feeling good. They went out fairly early, and it had not gotten too crowded yet. The boys (Dave Kalama, Terry Chun, Derrick Doerner and others) came in for gas fuel and food fuel for lunch. By then a front had come in and “chop sueyed” the waves. Laird then proceeded to watch some of the action from the cliff side. He said a lot of skis went up on to the rocks along with some boards. He felt like there may have been several new comers who were having to work it all out.

I’m on Kauai and Kings reef began to break ever so slightly. The ocean floor by this reef is so deep that you don’t even see Kings unless it’s starting to be Hawaiian 25 ft (that’s double in the front).

The boys are going to sit tight on Maui and then make their plan for tomorrow. As most of you know the swell hits Kauai first, then Oahu (which is having a bit of rain and some major water surging), Maui and so on. Once they get a beat on the conditions (wind, swell) they will most likely decide to continue to stay on Maui and surf Peah’i (aka Jaws) tomorrow. If I hear anything of interest I will let you all know.”

More about Laird Hamilton @

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