Canon 7D + Zoom H4n + Redhead Windscreen

February 11, 2010

Who needs a steady-cam ? All Michael DeVowe needed in filming his dad ski down this eerily beautiful mountain was a tripod and a steady hand. The sideways wind is a pretty good indication of just how gusty it was. Well done Michael !
Video Details :
Canon EOS 7D, shot in 24p
Canon 17-85mm IS
Zoom H4n
Redhead Windscreen (Gunmetal)
Manfrotto Tripod as a ‘stabilizer’ :)

His Testimonial :
H4n audio spruced up with Premiere’s compressor. The H4n did well with the Redhead Windscreen. It was very, very windy out (the video doesn’t do it justice) – yet the Redhead really held up. Snow was piling up in my lens hood, and the Redhead was CAKED in white flakes. Later, I shook it off and let it air dry. I thought for sure it would get ‘matted’, but it nearly returned to its original fuzziness after it dried.
I shot in these blizzard conditions with my 7D, Canon 17-85mm IS lens, Olympus Zuiko f1.8 50mm manual lens, H4n, and Redhead windscreen for approximately an hour. During that time, I changed lenses in the snow and the 7D had no problems. The LCD screens on both the 7D and H4n were ghosting, but were still fully functional. The temperature was around 20ยบ.
Michaels Website

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