Panasonic Wearable 4K POV CAMERA! >VIDEO<

February 7, 2014

Well, now things are getting exciting! Panasonic just quietly announced what looks to be the successor to the 1080P A100 at CES 2014!
panasonic-4k-wearable-cameraI have been eagerly awaiting this day for the last 3yrs! Wait.. Let me rewind.. 3yrs ago I started shooting a MOTORCYCLE VLOG on YouTube.. Basically I ride around Maui and offer silly commentary via my GoPro Hero 2, and Hero3.. Sad part of the story is I’ve never been quite satisfied with the finished quality of the image and always long for more.. I’ve always loved Panasonic’s commitment to the world of indy filmmaking and it appears the day is finally here! 4K on a helmet camera! Yes please!

The world of 4K is quickly approaching the hands of the everyday consumer such as myself and I am ecstatic to say the least. Not much has been released in terms of specs but I suspect it will shoot 30p and hopefully 24 as well. Bonus points if they throw some 120p 1080 into the mix!

Even though I’d shoot 4k for the purpose of final uploads being at 1080p, there are several reasons this Panasonic 4k wearable camera make me smile.

  • Shooting wide at 4k means I can punch into 1080 at anytime for a faux 2 camera shoot
  • Image stabilization is going to be fantastic, with lots of room to play
  • My audience will appreciate the higher perceived resolution when down rezzed to 1080 ( Maui is gorgeous in crisp 4k!)
  • I love the fact the actual unit is separate from the cam.. (lighter helmet!)

Availability : 1st half of 2014!

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