Redhead Windscreens Winners & new color!

October 22, 2010

Aloha all : ) First off, to my new subscribers I’ve been running a little contest for a new Redhead color by letting you all choose the name. To all previous subscribers, you guys are so super.. man:) Thanks to the following peeps for coming up with the new color!

Redhead – Kryptonite by:
1.Quentin L.
2. Ajay (asajay )
3. Henrik B.
4. Josh B.
As promised, you guys won a Kryptonite Redhead + 2nd color choice + delicious Hawaiian treats.. Much love for the name, I love it!
Please EMAIL ME at with the following info :

A. Name/Address you’d like your package to go to.
B. Recorder model for Kryptonite
C. Second recorder model + second color choice

Much love everyone and happy shooting!

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