Sony Hx9V Review : I love this little powerhouse!

October 22, 2011

Best digital camera

This will be a review of the Sony Hx9V digital camera - CLICK TO BUY


++A. Price! This little powerhouse is feature rich! Not wonky features either.. Very functional ones.. For the price, it’s really a steal.  As of this writing the Sony HX9V can be found for less then $300! I got mine HERE.

++B. Build. This is one beefy little bastard, I’ve fallen off my motorcycle a few times onto it and she still keeps pushing through! Love durability


Best Sony Cybershot

Image by Kalani Prince : Taken with Sony HX9V - Kahakaloa Maui Sunset


++C. Gorgeous 1920X1080p video and at 60p for that matter! This is not very common many full sized DSLR’s but is totally available here. What can you do with 60p? Shoot beautiful slow motion like this :

++D. The P A N O R A M I C feature works, and works very well.. I used to painstakingly stitch panoramics in Photoshop. This damn camera does an insanely good job at that for me. Here are some examples :

Image #1. Very happy with how it stitched together a wide window of exposure change throughout the pan.

Image #2. Very happy with how it stitched together lines that vanish into the distance.. How do you do this Sony HX9v!!!