Zoom H4n audio sync SOLUTION + Final Cut Pro

February 9, 2010

don’t know why this is technically happening but whatever, it works like a charm.

So I just shot a 14 min clip with my 3yr old son talking about monsters and such. Captured audio with both the 5D and Zoom H4N.

1. When I play both files straight from the desktop in Quicktime they are in perfect sync throughout the ENTIRE 14 min period.

2. When I load them into FCP after about 4 min I start to notice sync issues. FINAL CUT PRO IS THE CULPRIT !

3. When I simply change the speed of the audio clip to run at 99.9 % of it’s original speed, wahlah, it’s back in perfect sync from 0 to 14 min.

I suspect FCP has got some sort of latency problem occuring ? I’m not that saavy with complex tech issues but the 99.9% speed change has seemed to solve the problem perfectly.

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