5D Mark II + Zoom H4n + Dynamic Range + Front Street Maui + 5000lb Steady Cam

December 13, 2009

In this clip I just wanted to see what I could do as far as eeeking out as much “perceived” dynamic range as possible. I think one of the things that makes video look like video sometimes is the punchy out-of-camera contrast.

This clip was shot at about 12 noon with just about the worst natural lighting that natural lighting will produce. I set the contrast to 0 and the saturation to 1. In Premiere I played with the channel mixer to taste. I also made some small adjustments to the Luma and Gamma. Finally, I added some noise.

So I’ve been watching a lot of Blu-ray DVD’s lately and one thing I noticed is NOISE and lots of it. I think in the still photo world everyone wants to get rid of it and it’s trickled into the video world. I prefer my 5D2 footage with noise as it definitely gives it some texture and filmyness..

This is Maui’s Front Street in Lahaina town. Filled with shops, galleries, and restaurants it’s probably one of the busiest places on Maui. On Halloween the entire street is shut down for the 40,000 + costumed bodies that fill the streets.. Anyways, hope you enjoy this little trek through a Maui hot spot.

Tech :
Cam : 5D Mark II @ F8
Lens : Old Nikon 20mm + eBay adapter
Filter : Schneider optics 4X4 circular polariser and 1/2 stop graduated neutral density filter.
Sound : an almost inaudible Zoom H4n recording at -30db
Cam on a tripod in the back of my Ford Expedition with the glass open. Tripod is lightly ratchet strapped down to create artificial weight, ( ghetto, i know ), effective ? very. I sat in the car recording for a min or two till I saw a subject that would at least be of some interest before taking off. My love for bikes had me pull out in front of these two. Keep an eye out for about 2/3′rds of the way through the song, 4 items pass by the frame in perfect sync with the music, it’s kinda funny and a complete coincidence.

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