Tascam DR-100 Redhead Windscreen

January 21, 2010

Another super windy day on Maui’s north Shore : ) Soon I will do a  Tascam DR-100 vs Zoom H4n comparison, but it seems like a pretty nice recorder right out of the box.. I immediately noticed one thing that kinda bugged.. ( no charging cord with the device ), whaaa ? kinda silly to have to purchase it to charge the lithium ion battery it comes with.. Anyhow, no biggie..I will do a side by side with the H4n soon, I promise.. Thanks everyone !

Video Tech :
Camera : Canon 5D Mark II
Sound : Tascam DR-100
Windscreen : Redhead “Fire” & “Gunmetal”
Light : Eiko 85watt

I absolutely love the Eiko 85watt bulbs, they are beasts ! Wrote about them HERE.

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