Zoom H4n + Canon 5D Mark II + Timelapse @ 9000ft

December 13, 2009

Ok, it’s official, I’m in love with timelapse. It gives me the same feelings I get when I shoot real film and don’t get to see what I have until later which is like a micro Christmas with micro reindeer and tiny little cookies for a tiny little fictitious character named Santa.. love it.

The part of the story that I was not very fond of was the part that I leave my house at near sea level and think, “ahh, it won’t be that cold..” and proceed to put on a pair of Chuck Taylors, jeans, t-shirt and light jacket.. Holy freezer nuts frosty, it was DAMN cold.. Although the thermometer in my car could have been wrong when it swore it was 44deg.. I know, you guys are going to kill me for this ” 44 ?, that’s nothing ” but at 9000 ft the combination of thin air and Hawaiian blood caused me to spend most of the 2 hours it took to capture this in the fetal position, or with the car running every 10 mins..

Anyhow, I ordered the Milapse head, ( thanks guys ), and figured I might as well get a little better at regular stationary shots in the meantime..

I was thinking of trying a shot with a studio strobe that goes off with every shot.. Has anyone tried this yet ?

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