Zoom H4n Windscreen + Canon 5D Mark II Outdoors + Maui

December 13, 2009

Every day, more and more, I’m loving this new concept of powerful tools with ultra portable form factor. The Zoom H4n with it’s partner in crime, the Canon 5D Mark II are a force to be reckoned with.

I remember falling in love with video and film making as a kid and messing around with this gigantic VHS tape eating monster that delivered hollow pingy flat sound and a picture that was equally as blah.

Cut to : Today – ext – day and wow. Anything is possible. The 5D Mark II and Zoom H4n combo can certainly and quite easily pull of a very high production value production. It’s pretty exciting really. Anyways I hope you enjoy this small little demo. I wasn’t even going to take the camera on a short motorcycle ride but ended up driving on the twisty roads of Maui’s north shore on my way to Hana.

This shot was taken at the Ke’anae peninsula half way to Hana, Maui’s oldest and most undeveloped eastern shore.

The Details :
Camera : Canon 5D Mark II
Sound : Zoom H4n & RedHead Windscreen
Lens : Olympus Zuiko 50mm with ebay Nikon to Eos Adapter
Music : B-Tribe “Sensual Sensual” and “Mysterio Interlude”
Color corrected in Premiere CS4 ( I usually just play with the channel mixer to taste )

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