Best backpack for photography ? | Think tank “Streetwalker” !

April 20, 2010

Of the dozens of backpacks I have owned this thing is by far the one I like most ! It’s a funny thing.. If the backpack is too big, it can become uninspiring to lug ALL the stuff it’s capable of holding.. If  it’s too small it can be very irritating to manage space like a pack rat on speed. This is where this backpack rules.. It’s like one of those small cars you get in and are like… “whoa !”, where did all this room come from ? In mine at all times ?.. Canon 5D2 with 85mm attached, 50,35,20 & 70-300 Zoom + Zoom H4n ( or other hand held recorder ), Five 4X4 Schneider optics glass filters, Lee filter holder, an intervalometer, and a bunch of other misc accessories.. Take my word, you will love this backpack..

That it’s hard to sleep with..

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