The Zoom H4n recorder – powerful little handheld audio recorder

February 20, 2010

Size & Power it’s small, it’s super functional, records in mp3 as well as the higher quality WAV file up to 24bit 96k, all for $300 : ) provides fantom power if you choose to use a separate mic via XLR. Just a must have companion to your DSLR !

No timecode. Not a big deal for the short clips I’ve created on this site but could be a bit more difficult to manage with a short or feature film.
Levels dial. Wish they would have included one that could be quickly adjusted on the fly.. You could always add a field mixer for this functionality. I’d recommend adding one either way if you are planning on connecting a shotgun or hypercardiod mic.

Here’s an example of the sensitive microphones on the Zoom H4n recorder :


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