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Zoom H6 – Zoom H4n comparison

September 24, 2013


Zoom H6 Windscreen

Zoom H6 Initial Thoughts :

Aloha from the island of Maui. I have pretty much used the Zoom H4n exclusively since 2008. I just loved the simple ergonomics and ease of use. Well, that is till the Zoom H6 came out.. This recorder is superior to the H4n in pretty much every way. The analog levels dials are exactly what I’ve been desperately wanting in the Zoom H4n but just ended up living with..

The battery life is outstanding compared to the H4N which was a battery drinking monster. The H6 battery life is much better and in line with the amazing battery life of the Zoom H2n! (that thing lasts forever). I haven’t done extensive testing on the preamps as of yet but by ear, they seem to be much cleaner. (comparison viddy to follow).

-I’m not really into the micro sd, but whatever, it’s not all that bad.
-I wish the screen was adjustable as checking your levels when you have the H6 pointed at your face can be quite difficult. An app that allowed for realtime levels monitoring would be fantastic.
-The menu’s are even more intuitive and the gui is nice, bright and COLORFUL! (superficial bonuses)
-The removable mic capsules are fantastic but I’m curious as to how the contacts on the H6 itself will hold up over time.
-A small bonus but I love the dedicated case it comes with..
-I love the 0 to -20 manual pad switch for all channels!
-The dedicated line out is nice as well.

The Zoom H6 is a definite improvement over the Zoom H4n in just about every way and a warranted upgrade!

Here’s a little windscreen on Maui’s windy north shore shot with the Nikon D800 :

Zoom H6 Redhead Windscreen’s Available HERE.

Zoom H6 Digital Recorder on Amazon.


Thanks to Luke Neumann for this comprehensive how to on installing Magic Lantern on the Canon T2i.

Luke’s : YouTube
Luke’s : WEBSITE

Another super windy day on Maui’s north Shore : ) Soon I will do a  Tascam DR-100 vs Zoom H4n comparison, but it seems like a pretty nice recorder right out of the box.. I immediately noticed one thing that kinda bugged.. ( no charging cord with the device ), whaaa ? kinda silly to have to purchase it to charge the lithium ion battery it comes with.. Anyhow, no biggie..I will do a side by side with the H4n soon, I promise.. Thanks everyone !

Video Tech :
Camera : Canon 5D Mark II
Sound : Tascam DR-100
Windscreen : Redhead “Fire” & “Gunmetal”
Light : Eiko 85watt

I absolutely love the Eiko 85watt bulbs, they are beasts ! Wrote about them HERE.

Was actually out capturing photo elements for a 5DMKII still composite I’m putting together. The clouds were so hypnotic, I had to shoot some HD.

Cam : Canon 5DMKII
Lens: Old Vivitar with nikon mount, 35-85mm (not sure if I really like this lens yet ), and a fixed 200mm Tessar I think. It’s an M42 mount.

Converted to ProRes 422 (Huge Files), but less lag.
Edited in Final Cut Pro. CC done in Color, it was my second time using the program and I like it.

Music by : Enigma

All audio is from the Zoom H4n with RedHead windscreen on a pretty windy day on Maui.

canon 85mm