Aloha everyone, Thank you for all the wonderful emails!, I'm glad to hear you are happy with your RedHeads and out there making it happen! That's the stuff that excites me most! I get a lot of questions about gear and thought you all may or may not find this useful. If you find the following content of value, I hope you enjoy. Those of you that know me know that I research the heck out of every little facet of anything I purchase. Weighing every possible option. Must be the Libra in me? Instead of reviewing everything in depth I will offer a brief description along with what I like and don't like about it : )

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Recommended Gear

The Zoom H4n recorder – powerful little handheld audio recorder

February 20, 2010

Size & Power it’s small, it’s super functional, records in mp3 as well as the higher quality WAV file up to 24bit 96k, all for $300 : ) provides fantom power if you choose to use a separate mic via XLR. Just a must have companion to your DSLR !

No timecode. Not a big deal for the short clips I’ve created on this site but could be a bit more difficult to manage with a short or feature film.
Levels dial. Wish they would have included one that could be quickly adjusted on the fly.. You could always add a field mixer for this functionality. I’d recommend adding one either way if you are planning on connecting a shotgun or hypercardiod mic.

Here’s an example of the sensitive microphones on the Zoom H4n recorder :