Adam Reign gives Redhead Windscreens lovin !

February 22, 2010

This is the stuff that makes me smile ! A little over a year ago Redhead Windscreens simply did not exist and today I open an email from a happy customer that has just used his 5D2,H4n, and Redhead combo to capture some fantastic behind-the-scenes making-of footage on the latest Lexus commercial.. All I have to say is well done Adam.. Geesh, great audio, beautiful cars and cameras make Kalani a happy camper.. CREATE – COMPLETE and enjoy this sweet little piece !

Adam coins himself as being a “hybrid artist” : ), love it.. The following is an excerpt from his website.

What is Hybrid Art ?

Hybrid Art refers to today’s hybrid and trans disciplinary projects and approaches to media art. Primary emphasis is on the process of fusing different media and genres into new forms of artistic expression as well as the act of transcending the boundaries between art and research, art and social/political activism, art and pop culture. Today’s artists are free to make art with whatever material or technique they can imagine. This freedom creates new opportunities to express ideas and concepts. It also opens up a number of challenges, choices, and new decisions for artists, thus ultimately opening the door for an innovational new future. This series of events, advancements, & obstacles all birthed the “Hybrid Artist” at Maker&theMaDe.

Our Hybrid Artists, are experts at their crafts in the areas of Photo | Film | Design | Motion Production. With a contemporary approach in their Art & Photographic Direction, using professional precision imaging tools & creative mediums, Maker&theMaDe “Hybrid Artist” are able to truly paint a captivating & notable still or moving image(s) to deliver any message.

What we do…

Maker&theMaDe’s savvy-avant-garde craftsmanship in multimedia production, caters to areas including advertising & marketing industries, branding & corporate identity, magazine, portraiture, editorial, music, fine art, boutique commercial, & film production.

Check out Adam’s site, and if you are in the Florida area, you may want to buzz him up !

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