Neil Holloman gives Redhead Windscreens lovins !

April 27, 2010

Much Mahalo’s to Neil Holloman, wildly talented drummer, for the Redhead lovin : ) I’ll let his talent speak for itself in the following clip. To learn more about Neil, check out his site.

Neils Bio :
” I started playing drums in 1993 in the school band which afforded me the incredible opportunity to be immersed in percussion under my long time friend and teacher, John Dunlap. While in school, I was a member of the Scholastic Concert Bronze Medalist, Paragon, at the 1998 WGI World Championships. I have since performed in numerous rock and fusion bands in Mississippi and Alabama, and Independent Indoor Marching Percussion with Cynosure (Pensacola, FL). I also have experience playing drums and percussion in Musical Theatre. While at the University of South Alabama, I performed with the Jazz Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Pep Band and Symphony Band. ( more )

Gunmetal Redhead by : Neil Holloman

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